30 Dec 2008

Flemish working woman's dress

The Gown is done and all I need is a headdress to have a complete outfit. And I think I don't need to point out that sewing is handmade. Sewing thread is silk, smock, kirtle and white partlet are linnen, black partlet and the gown are woollen. The gown is turnable, so I can have dark blue or light greyish blue gown depending on my mood. It was my long time dream to achieve this point and I finally made it. (more fotos in Flickr)

23 Dec 2008


We are finally here at Mikkeli at my dad’s. The atmosphere is very beautiful and peaceful. We have plenty of snow and it is not very cold outside. I have a picture about my dad’s house which I am going to put here after the Christmas. My dad just put some non salted pork fat outside and after that he counted that he saw about ten different bird species at the feeding place. I think that bullfinches are most beautiful birds in the world. But anyway others are making Christmas food at the kitchen so I have to hurry to help them.. it is a tradition here that we all do our parts with the Christmas food.

Last weekend we went to Tofa’s. I was planning to do some weaving (that Viking Finn apron), but I still have an inflammation in my shoulder so I have to do weaving next time. At Sunday there was St Thomas party at Tofa’s. This time there were about 30 quests and it was nice again to meet some friends before Christmas holidays. There was of course once again a change to go to the smoke sauna ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smoke_sauna ). And I have to mention that Tofa had once again decorated her house very beautifully. There was a real Christmas atmosphere also. Yesterday we went to Lahti to have a lunch with Sahra. During her lunch break we went to buy some fabric. And we managed to found different kind of wool fabric and both of the wool are good for Viking Finn clothing. During our journey to Mikkeli we stopped at Heinola to buy things for Christmas at “near food centre”. They sell different kinds of products from small country producers. We had heard that the meat products are especially good there. And we were very surprised with the large number of different kind of organic products at the market. We are definitely going to go there (http://www.heilan.fi/ ) again.

Merry Christmas to all!

15 Dec 2008


No miracles for me this time. I have had problems with my shoulder again (somekind of inflammation) and I have tried to stay away from my unfinished gown. And writing is not doing any good for my shoulder either. But I am trying to stay in positive mood.

Sahra’s and Knut’s wedding last weekend was a very beautiful event (sad that I don’t have any photos about them but there are some pictures at Sahra’s blog: http://hibernaatio.blogspot.com/ ) . I hope that she will put some close ups about the wedding gowns for her blog. 

I am at sick leave from work until Thursday. So I have some time to slowly clean our house for the Christmas and bake things for next weekend’s party. 

And one more photo... aboutUlf’s Christmas present (one f them) the naalbinded hat which is done :). 

8 Dec 2008


Last weekend we went to Lahti as was planned to help Sahra and Knut. Sahra made her sideless surcote which turned out something astonishing beautiful! And I helped her with the embroidery for the wedding purse. I hope that I would have time to write more about the weekend… but I am extremely busy this week (I am going to bake things for St Thomas day party which is weekend after this, and my gown is not finished and I have very hectic time at my mundane job as well). 

Felix wanted to help us with decide the pattern, silk threads and glass beads for the purse....

And here is the embroidery I made last weekend... Sahra is going to fill the leaves and other things.. :D

2 Dec 2008

Clay idols and not so much progress with the gown

Looks like I might need a miracle soon if I want to have my Flemish open-fronted gown ready for Sahra's and Knut's wedding (I have ten days left..). The bodice is ready, but I haven't cut the skirt and the lining for it yet. Hmm.. I will have to do some cutting today. Next weekend we are going to Lahti to help Sahra and Knut so as soon as I have done the cutting part I can start sewing and I can sew as long as my hands let me :D. But I have made some progress with my first naalbinded mittens (yeppee!), but I will not continue doing those and other things (except Ulf's hat) before the wedding. Anyway I want also to do some onion jam today :) The recipe is not period... I have promised to me to have time to make some onion jam and fig jam (this is not medieval either) for Christmas.

Last weekend we (Ulf&I) went to Kotka (our old hometown) to visit our relatives. At Sunday was also my mom's birthday so I spend most of the Saturday with her (not because it is my "duty" but because I really don't remember the last time I have been at Kotka at my mom's birthday). After some shopping we went to the Maritime Centre Vellamo <http://www.merikeskusvellamo.fi> . The Main Exhibition of Museum of Kymenlaakso is at the same building as well. The museums are interesting but I think that there isn't much to see for the person who is mostly interested in Viking/medieval/renaissance things. And as usually happen… there was too little information available about the items.

Mysterious clay idols from Comb Ceramic period (more photos in Flickr)