28 Oct 2009

Book Fair and other things

After very relaxing and good weekend I have been feeling energetic. That’s funny because at the same time I have flu.. I hope that it’ll go away until next weekend. At Friday Tofa and I went to Helsinki Book Fair and there was also Food and Wine and Music Fair at the Helsinki Fair Center at the same time. So the Fair Center visit took almost all day. We didn’t found as much good books this time and it felt like the books were more expensive this time... or they didn’t have as good discount prices than last time. I end up buying couple books, one modern ethnic cookbook and other somehow related to medieval (and/or) renaissance. One of them is culture history of medieval writing. It is quite new book written in Finnish and it looks very interesting.

We accidentally run into Patrik and Anna who were playing medieval music at Investiture and because this very lucky encounter we end up listening their concert at Music Fair at the end of the day. They played music from 18th century but it was interesting also because they used instruments like “nyckelharpa or avainviulu in Finnish” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nyckelharpa . I have to reveal that they are also coming to play to our wedding :D .

Sunday at home I started a small Assisi embroidery project for our wedding. After that I have been answering Maku-magazine’s questions about medieval food for their article about us cooking at Hämeenlinna Medieval Fair and sending tons of emails. I have to start packing for next weekend’s (“Kätevä”) Lahti handicraft Fair… Thinking is not very fast when one has flu and clock is running too fast.

22 Oct 2009


I decide not to write about last weekend and the things that I have been doing yet. I want to do more research first. I still have a major problem with starting to make something new and make research after that. It would be better to try to learn as much as possible before starting to make things. But it is sometimes too easy just to start making something after seeing some pictures or somebody wearing something at the event and only after that start finding more information about the item. Maybe I think that I am in hurry and I have to start making something and I think that I don’t have time to open books and internet… I have to promise myself to read more and start at the beginning..

I mean that at first there is a thought about the thing I want to make, let’s say it is a certain type of tunic from some certain time period. Ok, so I want to make this tunic.. now I will not go to my fabric boxes and start making it… instead of I will open a book and internet and try to find information about it. After that I will decided what type of seams I want to make. And after that I’ll find the fabric and the sewing thread. And if it needs a pattern I’ll make one.

Blaa blaa… anyway, the second naalbinded hat (made using the Oslo stitch) is done. I made it last weekend. There are no pictures abut it because it is a gift for somebody who might read this. I am aware that I should be doing things for our wedding… and I have already done something but not enough. For these projects I have made research before starting to do things.. but not enough yet.

Tomorrow I will go to Helsinki Book Fair with Tofa like last year. And next weekend is going to be once again Lahti Handicraft Fair and we are going to be there with Medium Aevum Hollolense re-enactment group. It’s going to be more than awesome!! So I’ll go to pack things and go to bed.

13 Oct 2009

My first attempt to make Oslo stitch (naalbinding)

The first hat is done. Sahra was right about it is very fast technique! It took only some hours (maybe 4) to make a hat. It is a lot easier than the Finnish stitch I have used but also as they told the structure of the “knitting” is looser. I used quite thick thread and tried to keep the loops as tight as possible.. so I don’t think that this hat is going to stretch too much. I don’t know how to make the start using the Oslo stitch…. so I used the Finnish style for that.

So why suddenly start practising the Oslo stitch? Well our friends Suski and Minttu went to European Textil Forum http://www.textilforum.org and after that they have been teaching the Oslo stitch. Textil Forum was held at the same time than our Investiture (otherwise I would have probably gone there). Today I was surfing in Internet and I end up reading Phiala’a blog (who also have wonderful web pages http://www.stringpage.com/ ) and I found out that she was at the Textil Forum also! And the last picture she had posted in her blog, I found some familiar faces… Suski and Minttu http://stringpage.com/blog/?p=355 :D. There are more photos at the Textil Forum web pages also.

Next thing is to finish the Giant pants I am currently making… but more about those surprisingly huge pants soon!

7 Oct 2009


We have bought plane tickets to England and made our reservations to 12th night Coronation. The event is hosted by the Shire of Flintheath and the event is at Lyndhurst, near Southampton. I can’t be more excited about this! It’ll be a wonderful start for the next year.

5 Oct 2009

Some progress and something small

Last weekend we went to Lahti to see Sahra and Knut. I was feeling little bit down before the weekend (one of the symptoms in Fibromyalgia.. well who likes the pain when it’s bad and you can’t do things you want to do??). I thought that changing the surroundings would help and it did. We found (almost too much) great wool fabrics at Lahti Eurokangas (fabric store).. and I will have thin wool for UlfR’s Viking style baggy pants and so on. I have decided long time ago that I want to make the pants for him when I have time to do that (but finding the fabric has been the obstacle in this project). Sahra and I ordered leg wraps to UlfR and Knut form internet. UlfR has had problems with shoes… especially winter shoes at the events (he doesn’t have any period shoes for the winter times). But now I have ordered some for him so we are getting more and more to the authenticity level we want to be in.

One of my own handkerchiefs (a very small one) is done now:

Also our wedding dress project is proceed… this is a sneak peak and I will not tell yet what is it :D

Oh and I have also a book about calligraphy for beginners. I would like to start practising it as soon as I have right tools for it.