28 Apr 2008

Weekend with friends and fun things to come

I had a change to spend my weekend with friends. We had three visitors here the whole weekend. It was nice to just relax and do other things than normal housework and SCA things. So we played some role playing games, eat and drink well. After this weekend it is again easier to start doing things again. Next weekend I am going to Tallinn with Ulf and Tofa. I am so waiting for that!!! I have been waiting to go there for long time. There has been about couple of years since I had a change to go there. I am looking for to visit Olde Hansa and if there isn’t going to happen anything else that visiting Olde Hansa.. I would be more than happy. I heard that they have more things for sale at Olde Hansa’s store so it is going to be interesting also. But that atmosphere at the Olde Hansa… that is something I miss so greatly. Ok, I miss old Tallinn also.. Last time I was there it was snowing and the weather wasn’t great, but I will still never forget it. I just hope everything goes well.

I don’t yet know how to put pictures here that way you can click it to make it bigger. Some of the pictures are like that, but not all. I don’t see all the buttons in the page where you can compose texts. I have tried to use Mozilla but it doesn’t help. ???

15 Apr 2008

Everything is so slow…

…maybe because I currently have so much going on (SCA work mainly). And I think that I am also little bit afraid to start to do new things (clothes… it is easy to make simple dresses but starting to make renaissance… it is completely different issue).

I haven’t sent anything here because nothing has happen since last post. Ok, something has happen but nothing exciting I guess :D. I have put my Panache scroll into frames and my newest poster about map of Scandinavia made by Olavs Magnus in 1539. I haven’t decided yet where to put them… maybe in our living room? The scroll is just so beautiful… I like beautiful things…


I am going to slowly go to our kitchen now and start doing something (I have spent too much time at the computer today).. Our kitchen table has turned into a work table :D.

1 Apr 2008

Better picture

Here is a better picture about my Assisi tablecloth project. I finally learned to use my camera (well.. I learned how to take close-ups). I don't know why I don't like to read any manuals.. I know that life would just be more easy if I read the manual first and try after that :D .

I am going to do outline first… but I just had to make some red cross-stitches at the beginning to see how it is going to look at the end. By the way the pattern that I have used (with only small changes) is from this website I told about earlier ( http://www.stitchstitch.info ) . The threads are common DMC (cotton). I didn’t use silk this time because I have lots of black and red DMC threads at home. I have decided though that I will use silk if I do blackwork to the garb.