1 Apr 2008

Better picture

Here is a better picture about my Assisi tablecloth project. I finally learned to use my camera (well.. I learned how to take close-ups). I don't know why I don't like to read any manuals.. I know that life would just be more easy if I read the manual first and try after that :D .

I am going to do outline first… but I just had to make some red cross-stitches at the beginning to see how it is going to look at the end. By the way the pattern that I have used (with only small changes) is from this website I told about earlier ( http://www.stitchstitch.info ) . The threads are common DMC (cotton). I didn’t use silk this time because I have lots of black and red DMC threads at home. I have decided though that I will use silk if I do blackwork to the garb.

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