22 Sep 2008


Here are some photos about the smock and making the kirtle. I have bought the red linen many years ago from Raijan Aitta http://www.raijanaitta.fi/


Pattern (Kirtle)

Kirtle (bodice)

21 Sep 2008


The smock is finished now. I started to make the kirtle today. I have decided to make linen kirtle with waist seam. Why? Because I think that it will be cooler at the kitchen than woollen kirtle. That is not a very good explanation why, so I will make woollen kirtle also when I have time and test it at the kitchen. I mean that the kirtles under these Flemish open-fronted gowns are probably made by wool http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/aertsen/cook-stove/cook-stove.jpg . I want to make kirtle with waist seam, because that way I can have probably enough support to the bodice. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad idea yet :D.

14 Sep 2008

I want, I want!!

I have had this very irritating feeling today. I want everything and I want it now. I try to focus on 16th century clothing now but at the same time I want Viking clothing and I want 14th century clothing as well. I want to have different time period clothes for different types of events. I don’t mean that I want to “change period” at the middle of the event. Someone has once said to me that I am interested in maybe too many things at the same time and that I need to concentrate on something. Well I have concentrate on medieval and renaissance (and little bit on Viking/Anglo-Saxon) cooking and on embroidery (mostly blackwork). But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to learn how to do other things. Actually we don’t have any room at home for new dresses right now. All closets are full of clothes… or other things like books and miniatures. Sometimes I think that we have more re-enactment clothes than mundane clothes. Or maybe it is that the re-enactment clothes take more space to keep than mundane ones. Maybe I need to get rid of some of our oldest re-enactment clothes?

11 Sep 2008


I have been at home today because I have fever. There is not much that I can do when I have fever… fortunately I have my smock and there are still some long seams not yet sewed. Sewing, if it is just sewing some long seams, are something that one can do in this situation. 

Last weekend we tried again some recipes from Cindy Renfrow’s book Take a thousand eggs or more: A collection of 15th century recipes. Both of the recipes are from the first volume and both of them can be used as sweet dessert. 

Creme Boylede

Take cream or milk, & bread of pandemaine, or else of tender bread, and break it in the cream, or else in the milk, and set it on the fire till it be warm hot; and through a strainer throw it, and put it into a fair pot, and set it on the fire, and stir evermore: and when it is almost boiled, take fair yolks of eggs, and draw them through a strainer, and cast them thereto, and let them stand over the fire till it boils almost, and till it is skilfully thick; then cast a ladleful, or more or less, of butter thereto, and a good quantity of white sugar, and a little salt, and then dress it on a dish in manner of mortrewys. 

My thoughts: (The recipe is for two)
2,5 dl milk (or cream)
2 slices white bread (whitout the crust)
2 egg yolks (beaten)
3 T sugar
pinch of salt
1 T butter

Mince the bread slices and put them into a small pot with milk (or cream). Place the pot over medium heat until it is warm but not boiling. Strain the milk and bread mixture through a strainer and return it to the pot. Heat gently. Add the beaten egg yolks and stir until the mixture is very thick. Add butter, sugar and salt. Taste and add more sugar if you want. Stir more and put the mixture into serving dishes. Garnish the dish with little ginger. You can serve this bread pudding cold or warm.

Pandemaine bread is, I think, somekind of white bread. I think that it is made by very fine white flour. I looked at the second volume of Take a thousand eggs or more to find what is “mortrewys”. At that volume there were three “mortrewys” recipes. All the recipes contain minced meat. And in the recipes ginger is used to garnish the dish. That’s why I choose ginger for garnishing. If you can, use cream because it will taste better than milk.

Creme Bastarde

Take the white of Eggs a great heap, & put it in a pan full of Milk, & let it boil; then season it so with Salt and honey a little, then let it cool, & draw it through a strainer, and take fair Cow’s milk and draw it withal, & season it with Sugar, & look that it be poignant & sweet: & serve it forth for a pottage, or for a good baked meat, whether that thou will.

My thoughts: (for two)
4 egg whites
0,5 dl + 2 T milk 
pinch of salt
1 T honey
1 T sugar
(currants or raisins for garnish)

Put egg whites and 0,5 dl milk into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Stir constantly and beware that the mixture is not taking colours. Add salt and honey. Remove the pan from heat as soon as the mixture solidifies. Let the mixture cool and add 2 tablespoon of milk to it. Press the mixture through a strainer into a bowl. Add sugar and stir. Pour into serving dishes and garnish with currants or raisins if you want. You can serve this dish cold or warm. 

The dish was very interesting. Maybe not my favourites but it was a good experience to try it. It might taste better with meat? 

7 Sep 2008


I have overcome my fear of making socks. First pair of socks is done. I don’t know if I should call them hose, stocking or what. I am not good with terms :D. But anyway this is just a beginning and I of course need more than one pair of socks (because most of the SCA events are longer than one day). The socks are woollen and I have used silk thread for sewing. I used the patter that I found in this website: http://www.faucet.net/costume/research/hose.html .

I have heard that the hardest part of making socks is making the first pair of socks. That is very true. I have also heard that you should be very careful not to make too small socks. Mine are maybe little bit too big… but I don’t yet know what happens when I first wash them. Some shrinking might happen (?). More photos in Flickr. 

6 Sep 2008

Interesting week

This week has been very interesting. I have been at Tuusula which is near to Helsinki (Monday to Friday) on the in-service training which is related to my work. I was lucky to have a change to stay at Tofa’s during evenings and nights. The in-service training place was very gloomy and dull… for “normal people” so sleeping in familiar place was a very good thing. I didn’t bring that many projects with me because I knew already that the week is going to be (mentally) hard…. well sitting eight-nine hours (thank good less than that some days) is something I don’t miss from the school times. Even when the subjects are very interesting… or let’s say honestly… most of the subjects…

The smock is not yet finished. I had to cut it smaller. Fun thing was that I was able to make my first socks (I have had lots of help since year 2002 or something…). I have started again this sock project last time six months ago (or something). It has been very frustrating because I couldn’t figure out how the pattern or patterns works. So it has been clearly a stumbling block to me. And again most of the fears about that I can’t understand how to make something like socks, has been only in my head. But more about the socks soon. I have just finished the first one… and I am very eager to go to finish that other one.

I put some pictures about the Assisi tablecloth project into my Flick account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/evagrelsdotter/