7 Sep 2008


I have overcome my fear of making socks. First pair of socks is done. I don’t know if I should call them hose, stocking or what. I am not good with terms :D. But anyway this is just a beginning and I of course need more than one pair of socks (because most of the SCA events are longer than one day). The socks are woollen and I have used silk thread for sewing. I used the patter that I found in this website: http://www.faucet.net/costume/research/hose.html .

I have heard that the hardest part of making socks is making the first pair of socks. That is very true. I have also heard that you should be very careful not to make too small socks. Mine are maybe little bit too big… but I don’t yet know what happens when I first wash them. Some shrinking might happen (?). More photos in Flickr. 


Mervi said...

Nice socks! The fabric seems so familiar... think I have it too : )

Yes, they might shrink... mine did so when my Lord washed them in machine... First one and then another. So, a small advice: wash two at the same time, not in machine and wear then when wet, you will get very, very well fitting socks!

Eva Grelsdotter said...

Good advices! So do I call them socks or hose or stockings :)?