25 Aug 2008


I have started to make a smock for the Flemish dress. The neckline is done :D. I love white linen.. it is so beautiful fabric.  

21 Aug 2008


About the drawers… I decide to make blackwork to the waistband. So it will take a lot more time to have the drawers completely done. But all the sewing is done by now. I have to start cutting some fabric for the Flemish peasant dress project next weekend and I will do some planning for Crown Tourney’s feast. It looks like that I am going to have a busy weekend. Sunday I will drive couple of hours to participate SKA board meeting.
I have got over the feelings that I had few days ago. Swimming helps… or I think so :D (I went to swimming yesterday) I will definitely go swimming more often. That’s a promise.

19 Aug 2008


I am again in that point where I realize that after work there are only about three hours to do things. It means that summer holidays are over (I still have some holiday days left so I can go to the events out of Finland… and I have to spend some of the holiday days before the Fall Crown Tourney). I have so many sewing projects and other projects that (mostly some Arts and Sciences coordination jobs or A&S planning things) need time. So it is sometimes very hard to handle everything at the same time. It takes too much time to write emails. Yesterday I promised to me that I spend only one hour with the emails… but I spend two hours. Today I promised to me to be away from computer and sew something after seven a clock. It is half past seven. I am not sure if I am going to have my Flemish peasant dress done by Crown. I haven’t started making it yet and there are only about 7 weeks left. Oh well… I am not complaining about having so many things to do (that’s just fun) but I am complaining that I can’t stay up late and do things what I want. It’s like having bedtimes when I was a child. 

8 Aug 2008


Should I start writing this telling that I have had a very bad week this far? Well this is not going to be a blog about the pain so let’s move on. I just tell that I have been lying at sofa most of the time after the work and sometimes also before going to work. 

But I have started to make drawers for me. There are some good introductions about making them like this: http://katerina.purplefiles.net/garb/diaries/Kat's%20Drawers.htm

And ¼ of the blackwork for my Assisi tablecloth is now done.

There are some other projects that I have started on doing also but I will write about those things later. :)