19 Aug 2008


I am again in that point where I realize that after work there are only about three hours to do things. It means that summer holidays are over (I still have some holiday days left so I can go to the events out of Finland… and I have to spend some of the holiday days before the Fall Crown Tourney). I have so many sewing projects and other projects that (mostly some Arts and Sciences coordination jobs or A&S planning things) need time. So it is sometimes very hard to handle everything at the same time. It takes too much time to write emails. Yesterday I promised to me that I spend only one hour with the emails… but I spend two hours. Today I promised to me to be away from computer and sew something after seven a clock. It is half past seven. I am not sure if I am going to have my Flemish peasant dress done by Crown. I haven’t started making it yet and there are only about 7 weeks left. Oh well… I am not complaining about having so many things to do (that’s just fun) but I am complaining that I can’t stay up late and do things what I want. It’s like having bedtimes when I was a child. 

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