24 Aug 2009

Hämeenlinna Medieval Market

Huh, we are back from the market and I feel now more inspired and energetic. At the same time my feet and back are hurting for standing too much. This was the first time we spend almost all the weekend at the Hämeenlinna Medieval Market. We decided not to sleep at the site because I thought that the weather would be probably too cold for me to sleep at outside (and it was quite cold at nights). At Friday night Sahra, UlfR, Elzebeth and I went to Elzebeth’s to do preparations for the Saturday’s campfire cooking. We were surprisingly effective at that night and next day at the campfire. The journalist and the photographer from “Maku” magazine were very pleased and surprised about the big efford that we had put into the task. I still have to say that the biggest highlight of the Market was when Minttu, Susanna, Ilona and Sahra gave us the most beautiful leather covered, hand made books. They bought the books at Saltvik (and they managed to save the books from the big flood). These books will be very useful for next two years. I will try to write a diary from the events to the bigger one also. I will not mention how much money I spend at the weekend... :D

There was sadly quite many plastic pavilions at the market but our corner of the market area looked very cool...

Our stand

Minttu behind the stand (and Suski making tablet weaving)

Sahra had a new kirtle and kerchief (the kirtle was again amazing)

UlfR making food at the campfire

Food was very good.. we made lots of different dishes... we had almond chicken stew, lamb stew, spelt with dried cranberries, cabbage, carrot and leek pottage, fried turnips, homemade breads, stuffed barley breads (with two stuffings... one was salted salmon and one was mushrooms and onions) and also currant cakes, Shrewsbury cakes and so on.. I don't remember all anymore..

Sotka, a replica of viking age ship was at the market also. And Ilona :)

I am still very busy (or more and more busy)... the days are vanishing too quickly and still too much to do.

17 Aug 2009

Short update

Mom wanted me to do some update ;)...

My new smock is not done yet but over half is done at least. I have my corset at home and I have to do the lacing holes and insert the bones into it so I could start making the gown. After that the corset is almost done. There are so many things to do and too little time. I think that I now have all materials I need for my Investiture outfit. I don’t even want to count how many days I have left till the event at this point.

Yesterday I baked some excellent small cakes and Shrewsbury cakes and today I’ll do some pepper bisuquits for next weekend (for Hämeenlinna Medieval Market). Busy life... but I am sure that despite all this hustle now and at next weekend... the next weekend is going to be fun! (Also my new raspberry liqueur looks beautiful and delicious.. I started to make it at last Friday).

10 Aug 2009

Verla and hand sewing challenge

Another interesting and great weekend behind... Near to town of Kouvola is Verla Mill which is one of the World’s Heritage sites at Finland. The mill is from 19th century (so it is not medieval but very beautiful site). Last Saturday there was a small medieval market at Verla where we also attended. Canton of Miehonlinna had some activities (especially for children) at the market. There was some archery, dancing and armour fitting for the spectators and a tablet weaving demonstration also. I had enough time to finish UlfR’s Investiture shirt at the event. All in all it was a very good event, the weather was fantastic and there was surprisingly many spectators at the market (it was the first time they had this kind of market at Verla). After the market we went to Katariina’s home so she could take UlfR’s measurements for his other Investiture clothing. And after that we had cheerful evening at the Karhu residence.

Yesterday I finally did some counting for the hand sewing challenge. This I have made so far:

Blue Eura underdress (started before the competition started so not all counted): 14,82 m

Viking Finn apron with tablet woven decorations: 3,62 m

UlfR’s Kragelund tunic: 22,42 m

a green pouch: 1,44 m

UlfR’s headscarf: 2,28 m

UlfR’s blue kitchen tunic: 12,06 m

UlfR’s Investiture shirt: 15,04 m

All together (hand made seams after Summer Nights): 71,68 m

Hm.. it seems like I have made lots of things for UlfR and not so much for me... well next thing is to make a new smock with ruffled sleeves for me :) ... starting NOW.

3 Aug 2009

Corset and some progress

We went to Turku to see Elsa and Teresa last weekend. At Friday we stayed at Elsa’s. I had UlfR’s Investiture shirt with me at Turku and I managed to sew a lot which is very good because it would be excellent if I could have it done by next weekend. Then at Saturday to Sunday we stayed at Teresa’s place. The main thing was to start making a corset to me to Investiture. It would be also very good to have the corset done as soon as possible so I would have some time to get used to wear one. We are not going to make the corset 100% period, there isn’t that much time... maybe next time when we don’t have to make things in haste? I am very happy about that Teresa promised to help me with fitting things and with the corset. I know that I can do something by myself but it is easier to have someone to the fitting. Again I am not going to post much pictures about this project not before the event. I also know that I have to make exceptions and maybe use sewing machine to have all things ready by the event :( .

This is the corset pattern we are going to use...

Now I have lots of sewing to do...