17 Aug 2009

Short update

Mom wanted me to do some update ;)...

My new smock is not done yet but over half is done at least. I have my corset at home and I have to do the lacing holes and insert the bones into it so I could start making the gown. After that the corset is almost done. There are so many things to do and too little time. I think that I now have all materials I need for my Investiture outfit. I don’t even want to count how many days I have left till the event at this point.

Yesterday I baked some excellent small cakes and Shrewsbury cakes and today I’ll do some pepper bisuquits for next weekend (for Hämeenlinna Medieval Market). Busy life... but I am sure that despite all this hustle now and at next weekend... the next weekend is going to be fun! (Also my new raspberry liqueur looks beautiful and delicious.. I started to make it at last Friday).

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