10 Aug 2009

Verla and hand sewing challenge

Another interesting and great weekend behind... Near to town of Kouvola is Verla Mill which is one of the World’s Heritage sites at Finland. The mill is from 19th century (so it is not medieval but very beautiful site). Last Saturday there was a small medieval market at Verla where we also attended. Canton of Miehonlinna had some activities (especially for children) at the market. There was some archery, dancing and armour fitting for the spectators and a tablet weaving demonstration also. I had enough time to finish UlfR’s Investiture shirt at the event. All in all it was a very good event, the weather was fantastic and there was surprisingly many spectators at the market (it was the first time they had this kind of market at Verla). After the market we went to Katariina’s home so she could take UlfR’s measurements for his other Investiture clothing. And after that we had cheerful evening at the Karhu residence.

Yesterday I finally did some counting for the hand sewing challenge. This I have made so far:

Blue Eura underdress (started before the competition started so not all counted): 14,82 m

Viking Finn apron with tablet woven decorations: 3,62 m

UlfR’s Kragelund tunic: 22,42 m

a green pouch: 1,44 m

UlfR’s headscarf: 2,28 m

UlfR’s blue kitchen tunic: 12,06 m

UlfR’s Investiture shirt: 15,04 m

All together (hand made seams after Summer Nights): 71,68 m

Hm.. it seems like I have made lots of things for UlfR and not so much for me... well next thing is to make a new smock with ruffled sleeves for me :) ... starting NOW.

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Mervi said...

Go Eva go! Well done!!! Many meters!