13 Oct 2009

My first attempt to make Oslo stitch (naalbinding)

The first hat is done. Sahra was right about it is very fast technique! It took only some hours (maybe 4) to make a hat. It is a lot easier than the Finnish stitch I have used but also as they told the structure of the “knitting” is looser. I used quite thick thread and tried to keep the loops as tight as possible.. so I don’t think that this hat is going to stretch too much. I don’t know how to make the start using the Oslo stitch…. so I used the Finnish style for that.

So why suddenly start practising the Oslo stitch? Well our friends Suski and Minttu went to European Textil Forum http://www.textilforum.org and after that they have been teaching the Oslo stitch. Textil Forum was held at the same time than our Investiture (otherwise I would have probably gone there). Today I was surfing in Internet and I end up reading Phiala’a blog (who also have wonderful web pages http://www.stringpage.com/ ) and I found out that she was at the Textil Forum also! And the last picture she had posted in her blog, I found some familiar faces… Suski and Minttu http://stringpage.com/blog/?p=355 :D. There are more photos at the Textil Forum web pages also.

Next thing is to finish the Giant pants I am currently making… but more about those surprisingly huge pants soon!


Mervi said...

Nice hat! And lovely colour! Like a candy! Yummy.
I have made several hats using Oslo stich and hope to sell them at Christmas markets, but I must say... I still prefer good old finnish stich!
My absolute favourite is the one I have learned as "russian", the one that makse the surface like lace... yes, the very slow one.
Riku is going to have a new viking-hat that style.
Uuuh... I really like naalbinding!

Eva Grelsdotter said...

I could try to learn the russian stitch next.. maybe you could show the technique again next time we see?

Susanna said...

Wow, nice work! I really like that Oslo stich when I am sewing thick thread. The textilforum was wonderful experience and I hope that they will arrange it again next year.

Mervi said...

Hey, I´m happy to teach you!