22 Oct 2009


I decide not to write about last weekend and the things that I have been doing yet. I want to do more research first. I still have a major problem with starting to make something new and make research after that. It would be better to try to learn as much as possible before starting to make things. But it is sometimes too easy just to start making something after seeing some pictures or somebody wearing something at the event and only after that start finding more information about the item. Maybe I think that I am in hurry and I have to start making something and I think that I don’t have time to open books and internet… I have to promise myself to read more and start at the beginning..

I mean that at first there is a thought about the thing I want to make, let’s say it is a certain type of tunic from some certain time period. Ok, so I want to make this tunic.. now I will not go to my fabric boxes and start making it… instead of I will open a book and internet and try to find information about it. After that I will decided what type of seams I want to make. And after that I’ll find the fabric and the sewing thread. And if it needs a pattern I’ll make one.

Blaa blaa… anyway, the second naalbinded hat (made using the Oslo stitch) is done. I made it last weekend. There are no pictures abut it because it is a gift for somebody who might read this. I am aware that I should be doing things for our wedding… and I have already done something but not enough. For these projects I have made research before starting to do things.. but not enough yet.

Tomorrow I will go to Helsinki Book Fair with Tofa like last year. And next weekend is going to be once again Lahti Handicraft Fair and we are going to be there with Medium Aevum Hollolense re-enactment group. It’s going to be more than awesome!! So I’ll go to pack things and go to bed.

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