15 Mar 2008


Ok, so this is it then. I don’t know what I am doing. I am not sure that I have time for writing a blog. But you never know. Maybe I will have enough time for this. Anyway starting a blog is something I have thought long time. I have thought that it is too hard. Ok, I admit that writing in English is hard for me because English is not my mother tongue. But if it get’s too hard then I will write in Finnish. Writing in English is good practice since I have lots of friends who don’t speak Finnish.

Finding out the name for the blog was also hard. And it was one reason why I haven’t started this earlier. And that’s why I thought that simple name is better than anything too inventive.

I have currently two bigger projects going on. One is to make 16th century Italian chemise (with little blackwork to its neckline) and an Assisi style tablecloth. I found couple of days ago an interesting link about Assisi embroidery http://www.stitchstitch.info/ . It is not easy to find information about Assisi and I was very happy when I found this link. There are other interesting things like something about blackwork at that site also.

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