17 Jul 2008

The White Partlet

White partlet for my Italian renaissance outfit is finally done. I finished it last night about 1 a.m. So now I am very tired and my shoulders are killing me but I am happy about that I don’t have to do anything else today than pack for the Cudgel War. Cudgel War starts tomorrow. I have almost reached my goals for this summer. I still don’t have hand made socks and drawers and I only have one chemise and I only have one renaissance outfit but I am slowly getting more and more non mundane things and I am slowly turning to the renaissance. I think that making renaissance outfits using only hands takes more time than making most of the other things I have made this far. And the best thing is I can wear my Italian outfit at winter times also when I make woollen sleeves to it.

So after Cudgel War I will start making those sleeves, socks, drawers and Flemish peasant outfit.  

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