24 Nov 2008

Again another great weekend!

Finally I can write about last weekend! It has been very difficult to write anything here because we had a secret about we were going to steal lady Sahra and take her to Tallinn to have her bachelorette party. And I have to tell that last weekend was real fun and my abs are still hurt for obvious reasons (laughing too much). Coming back from Järvenpää last evening wasn't fun because of snowstorm. But thank god I didn't have to drive back to home. I had my naalbinding things with me and I know now how to make thumb for the mittens and my first naalbinded hat is almost done. I will give it for Ulf for Christmas present. At Tallinn we went to fabric stores and I bought some green wool. I didn't buy so many things during our trip because I didn't have car with me.

This is the hat:But now I really have to go to read some articles. We are making an extra arts and sciences number for our Barony’s (Aarnmetsä) magazine. And I have lots of pages to read… and very interesting stuff..

One more thing....

This is me making embroidery at Lahti handicraft Fair couple of weeks ago

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