21 Apr 2009


I should be resting but I am too excited. I am thinking about the Summer Coronation and what I should do before that. The Summer Coronation is going to be at Viking Village near Stockholm this summer and the theme is of course Viking. It’s camping event so I will take wool clothes with me although it’s summer and it’s supposed to be warm. Here are the things I am planning to do before the event:

Fix the white linen Eura style under dress
Make another linen Eura style under dress
Make a long belt (tablet woven)
Make an apron and decorate it with bronze spirals (I hope that I have enough bronze for the decoration, I might have to buy more)
Decorate the upper dress with bronze spirals also (not sure about this yet, I might leave the dress as it is now)
a headdress (I have couple of ideas for this)

And now.. I concentrate on getting better.. need more strength for doing thing :). 

(I put some pictures about the brown wool Eura style under dress to my Flickr account  )


Mervi said...

Planning feels good... did you get the photos of Eura jewellery?

Eva Grelsdotter said...

I got the photos! Thanks!