20 Sep 2009

A creative weekend

The next thing is starting to make the wedding dresses for us. The easiest part I thought was to start with headdresses. Elsa was visiting us this weekend and we tried to make a wulsthaube type German renaissance headdress with veil. We found some links also and this was one of the best we found: http://www.in-nova-corpora.ch/naehstube/ma_15_unterkleidung_text.htm .We managed to make a prototype of it and it looks very good. I am not going to reveal all the details of the wedding dress project.. other wise it could spoil the surprise :D but I can reveal some small things. This makes the blogging quite challenging but let’s see what will happen. I can reveal that I am going to make blackwork stripes to the veil and the veil is going to be quite long so lots of blackwork to do :D.

I also taught the basics of blackwork to Elsa this weekend (well I actually think that there wasn’t anything new that she didn’t know already). As a very creative person she designed a blackwork pattern of our Barony of Aarnimetsä’s wolf and she have already embroidered three handkerchiefs with the wolf this weekend to give away as gifts. I also started to do some simple blackwork to one of the napkins (or handkerchiefs…). As I told I need to do couple of handkerchiefs for me also. The handkerchiefs are not done yet.. but when they are I can (if I get her permission to do so) send a photo of them here. But now.. I can’t wait to start making the veil. I have to go to cut the linen and start making the blackwork and I know already the pattern I want to use.

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