20 Sep 2009


I have been as I assumed very busy lately… for obvious reasons. Our Investiture is now over and I can start concentrating to other things that are important. I had some misfortune with my Investiture clothing. First I realize that there was not enough time for make the type dress I wanted to. I had to change my plans. I was going to make a kirtle underneath the gown and the gown was supposed to open at front. I was going to make a fartingale underneath the kirtle to have hourglass effect. Also I was going to make a new partlet but at the end I got inflammation to my hand and I couldn’t make one. Also I was going to make silk detachable sleeves. So instead I managed to make a corset (to which I got help making it) and quite simple black woollen dress with waist seam and black woollen detachable sleeves and a white linen smock with ruffled cuffs and an Elizabethan coif. (I am already dreaming of Elizabethan coif with blackwork… I’ll make one as soon as possible). I wasn’t that satisfied with the result of the dress and smock but that doesn’t mean that the dress and the smock wasn’t ok.. I just don’t want to make things in haste. Anyway the corset is the only piece which has made using machine..

The Investiture was as I wrote a memorable event with lots of big surprises. I have always thought that it’s not very easy to me to feel very emotional like almost crying if something big will happen. But I was wrong with that because there was more than one time at the event I felt that it was a mistake not to bring handkerchiefs to the event :).

Lord Rakonczay took couple of pictures of us just after our Investiture, here are some of the best shots … Lady Katariina Juhanantytär made UlfR's jacket and pants and lady Sahra made his coif.. the shirt is made by me.

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Mervi said...

Darling... your dress is absolutely fabulous! And when you came in to the fiest hall, I could not look at you because I would have cried at the moment :)
You and UlfR look great!