1 Nov 2009


This weekend the flu won and we didn’t go to Lahti handicraft Fair. It was very disappointing but sometimes life is like that and it is not possible to get everything and go everywhere. Being in flu and also being at work almost all the week and not resting at home after work (because there were more important (?) things to do) was too much for me.

So we both rested and watched dvds (one of the movies was Coraline and it was very good.. I think maybe better than The Nightmare before Christmas). I made some digging in our wardrobe and I found one UFO (unfinished object) which I had started to make about nine years ago. Back then I had made a tablecloth to us and decorated it with cross stitch using red cotton thread. At that point I was studying and I had not enough money to buy silk threads. After finishing the tablecloth I started to make another tablecloth using the same pattern but blue cotton thread. The pattern was supposed to run around the cloth. I don’t remember what happen, maybe there was something better to do, but I stop making it. I didn’t throw it away because I had made a very big job with it already. At those days I wasn’t very fast embroiderer so it was a very big thing for me to have one of the four borders done. And I had started little bit to make the second border also and machine sewed the edges. The pattern I used is not Medieval more like traditional but it doesn’t look too modern I think.

Well I found it and thought again that I should not throw the thing away but rethink about is it use for something other purpose. So I thought that with a little modification it could be very usable towel for events. So I rip up the machine sewed seams and hand sewed with linen thread all the seams and unstitch little bit the embroidery. The pattern wasn’t finished so I made the missing rows (I had made one row) between the “snow flakes”, luckily I still have that cotton tread in my thread box. Tadaa.. I have a towel :).

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