8 Jun 2008

Cauliflower Soup

This weekend we wanted to try to use the crock pot and see how long it takes to make food with it. I wanted some soup so we decided to try Cauliflower Soup from Ken Albala’s Cooking in Europe 1250-1650. The recipe is early 17th cent. Belgian.

Cauliflower soup

Place in the pottage cauliflower, sausages, some chicken or pigeon or grilled mutton, and a bit of chopped mint.

My thoughts:

About 800 g cauliflower
450 g chicken (not marinated: breasts, legs what ever. If you use chicken with bones you should remove the bones before serving)
200 g sausages
fresh mint
chicken stock as much as you need to make a soup
(salt if needed)

Break the cauliflowers into florets and put them into a cooking pot. If you want you can fry the chicken with butter or olive oil before putting the chicken into the cooking pot. The chicken will taste better if fried. Cut the sausages into small pieces and put the pieces into the cooking pot. Add as much chicken stock as you need to make a soup. Slowly cook (about 4-5 hours if using the crock pot or about 1 hour if you use normal stove) as long as the cauliflowers are done. Add more stock or/and salt if needed. Sprinkle some chopped fresh mint to the pot before serving.

My lemon liqueur is almost done. It will be done till Cudgel Wars. Also my aniseed liqueur is done. I need to open next vodka bottle soon because I need to put some more vodka into the aniseed liqueur. So I have to decide what to do with the rest of the vodka. I am thinking about making some cherry liqueur. I think that if I do that soon the liqueur might be done by fall.

I am quite tired because I have been doing lots of work with my Italian dress and planning the foodstuff for the Cudgel Wars all the weekend. We woke up today about eight a clock and I found my self sewing at nine a clock. And last day was same than today (except that yesterday I spend little time outside weeding our front yard). I think that I will watch some TV now :D.

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