5 Jun 2008


The lucet is a very interesting gadget. Last Tuesday I went to city of Vantaa (near to Helsinki) because I had a job meeting there. I travelled by train and bus and it took all together abut eight hours going there and back. So I had plenty of time to read and for my crafts. I decided that this time I will bring my lucet with me because I need to make braids for my Italian ren. dress and for my black partlet also. For my Italian dress I need three braids because I am going to make three lacings for the bodice. Here are some links about the lucet and making braids with lucet:


... and a picture about my lucet and the braid that I am making..

But anyway making something odd like crafts and reading an odd book about Medieval clothing or Medieval food makes other people in the same train or bus very interested. So I have learned now that if one want's to be alone one should not do anything odd like crafts (except knitting a sweater or something like that). Well, to be honest I don't mind people asking about what I am doing (but it is still little bit funny). I had a lovely conversation at the train with a woman (she is a high school Swedish teacher... I hope that you found my blog...) who sat next to me while travelling to Helsinki.

About the dress I am making.. I have fixed the pattern for my Italian dress bodice and I have started to cut the fabric. I have cut the lining for the bodice and today will cut some thick linen between the lining and the outer fabric. I think that I need to put a picture here about the progress also… I am making a dress similar than those in Vincenzo Campi’s beautiful paintings:

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