28 May 2008

Summer Nights and other things

I am very tired but happy. Last two weeks has been really hectic for me. The weekend before last weekend was Aarnimetsä Academy event (I am clad that it was only 120 km away from our house) then last Tuesday I went to Helsinki (by bus and train and I had to wake up 5 am and I was at home about 7:30 p.m.) and last weekend we had Summer Nights and the event was held about 440 km away from our house (about 5 hours driving…well 6 when we went there because we got stuck in Helsinki’s traffic jam about for an hour when going to the event). BUT enough complaining, the event was very good in every ways. Someone said and I think likewise that we have had some very good events recently.

Summer Nights was a quite small event and the event was special also because Her Royal Majesty, Jovi Queen of Drachenwald attended the event. There were about 50 people and one of the best things about the event was that there was ten or more newbies. Ulf and I spend most of our time helping in the kitchen. It was good that they had enough people to help at the kitchen so I had some time to be Her Majesty’s lady in waiting (and I had a change to see the court in the different perspective, behind the Queen, for the first time… I am again one experience richer than before the event). And Ulf had a change to participate the Rose Tourney. But the best thing ever was that the head cook and the event steward and people who where planning the event had a good theme for the feast. So there were some golden boy angels and the decoration of the feast hall was very beautiful. The staff and the angels had wreaths made from leaves…

But Summer Nights is over and next event for us is going to be Cudgel Wars (the event I have been waiting for since it was over last year). I have noticed that I often fell into day dreams and I have been dreaming about the hot and beautiful summer and Cudgel Wars and the lake and I don’t know why but especially the mornings… Then I wake up and notice that I have more than 100 things to do before Cudgel. I have made a list about things that I have to do. I am a list person. I need to have lists and little yellow papers so I don’t forget things I have to do. The list is also essential for me because I only have about three hours per day to do things like writing emails and other stuff and making clothes and planning the foodstuff for the Cudgel. Next Sunday I will have the whole day to do things (Yeppee!!), but someone has to clean our house also… boring. One hour left, four things to do at the computer.

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