11 May 2008

Kaftan project

This weekend was special because we didn’t have any place to go so we stayed at home and we didn’t have any visitors. So I was able to do some projects. This is funny, but I accidentally found some fabrics in my boxes that I didn’t remember buying. There was for example some white linen, red linen and some dark grey (almost black) wool. Good. I can start to make another chemise for me for the Cudgel Wars (before I get more). I was hoping to start making my dress this weekend, but repairs in our shower room isn’t finished yet. So I sewed little bit Ulf’s kaftan. I have started this kaftan project maybe two years ago. It has been tough to do it because I don’t know much about Viking garb. I know that they have found a kaftan like this and it was made from silk (not wool and linen). So I don’t have any clue if Vikings ever wore these kinds of kaftans. The colours of the fabrics (green wool and yellow linen) are very bright, but there is a good reason why. These colours are THL Baron Godwin’s heraldic colours and the kaftan is for Ulf to wear when he is Godwin’s personal tourney herald. I have bought the buttons for the kaftan long ago. Now I have to do rest of the sewing and a do some tablet weaving for decorations (or ask someone else to do it).

I made also little bit my Assisi tablecloth. I will send more pictures about it as soon as there is enough progress to show.

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