19 May 2008

Aarnimetsä Academy

Last weekend we had here at Finland (Barony of Aarnimetsä) Aarnimetsä Academy event. It was the first event to the spring's Academy stewards and I think that they did well. I hope that this was a good experience to them also and they will be doing lots of events in future too. People were pleased about the lectures and I received many thanks about the lectures and the timetable (although I still think that organizing the lectures to the event wasn't that hard thing to do. But I am very happy that people were happy about the lectures and I know that this happy feeling will last long). I was again (it happens when organizing things) little bit inpatient about sitting at the lectures but I was able to sit in some of them. M's lecture about chirurgeons in medieval times (and in SCA) was very good. It was her first lecture in event and I think that she is very good at giving lectures (the presentation was clear and showing the pictures was a good idea).

I was really waiting for the archery practices because I was looking for to try archery for the first time. I was afraid that it might rain and R might cancel the practises. But no, everything went well. Or better than well because now I can't wait until I get another change to do archery again!! I am so happy and I am already dreaming about my own bow and arrows. I also enjoyed the lectures about the manners in medieval times and in SCA and I had little time to sit and listen a lecture about wines and wine making. I am not happy about that I didn't have any time to go to the lecture about Latin basics and of course many others as well. But maybe next time.

Our shower room's repairs are finished now and I can use our washing machine. So yesterday I washed my green wool for the Italian renaissance peasant dress. I can't do much in this week because I will be at Helsinki tomorrow and we are going to Summer Nights event in this weekend. I am afraid that there will not be enough time for doing new garb to the Cudgel War. I will be really disappointed if that happens. But if it happens there is only one person whose fault is that and it's me (I could always arrange my time better so I could do more, for instance I could also watch little bit less TV).

We have now a theme for the lunches and snacks to the Cudgel War and I know the theme for the big feast at the last Saturday so I can now start really doing a list about foods to the event. We have decided that we will not make English 15th century food for lunches and snacks but we will do Mediterranean area food and it will be different time period and place in different days. Wednesday will be different because we are going to have a day off. But I know now that the Saturday will be suitable for this main idea. But first I have to list the books that I will be using so it will be easier to start doing things.

I am so tired and I have to wake up very early tomorrow…I will have half an hour wake time left but then I need to sleep.


Fiora said...

Aah! Mediterranean food sounds lovely, I´m already waiting for the camp. I really like this blog, and your projects. Way to go, girl! ;)

Eva Grelsdotter said...

yeppee!! A comment! I am so happy :D!