5 May 2008

A Mouse and A Cat

It is official now. This year we have had at least two animal visitors at our house (I am not counting flies or spiders) :D. Not at the same time… Couple of months ago we had mouse (it disappeared somewhere.. I still don’t know where… I hope that it is not dead and lying somewhere hidden). And just a moment ago… I was sitting here at my computer and I saw something fluffy, white and black sneaking in our lobby. Of course I fright up and shout something and the poor cat run to our working room. It said miau to me and then I said to it that unfortunately I can’t keep a cat even if I wanted to. And I had to carry it out. It looked me little bit confused or maybe little bit offended after this all. Maybe it thought that it is normal to come to visit people at their homes when they have windows open :D. I am pretty sure that now when it knows how to come here, this is not going to be the only time it will come here.

By the way, I was hoping to get some of my fabrics cleaned today. But when I came home, our washing machine was not at our shower room, it was standing at the kitchen. Our shower room looked like this:       


We had some kind of leak at our sewers and our landlord said that they need to open and dry it so the humidity level of the floor goes normal again. But today they decided to do the walls and (maybe) our sauna again also. I am happy that we are going to have hopefully more beautiful shower room and a better sauna… but I hope that this is not going to last too long… I have inspiration to start making clothes again (I bought some fabric to my working class dress today). I need to make a list about things I don’t have yet for my dress.

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