7 May 2008


I told earlier that we went to Tallinn last Saturday. Our four hours or so trip was success. The weather was very good and not too warm and not too cold. And of course Tallinn was beautiful as always. I had a little list about things I was interested in buying if I could find them. But there wasn't any necessary to find anything. So we walked little bit at old Tallinn and went to eat at Olde Hansa. I didn't have my camera with me, but Olde Hansa has web pages http://www.oldehansa.com/ where you can find more about the restaurant and their shop. Olde Hansa has online shop also.

One of things I was looking for Tallinn was clay plates. We have only wooden plates for the SCA events and those wooden plates are quite old (we have bought them at Budapest years ago). They didn't have clay plates at their store, but I was able to buy two clay plates they use in their restaurant (plates were still hot like they were taken from dishwasher hah hah). And I bought a very beautiful small glass bottle and a necklace. I was looking for to find good container for salt but I didn't. I was still more than happy about things I bought.

Food was also good as usually. I ate wild boar with spelt, berry jam, sauerkraut, onion jam... and a rose pudding. I was almost too full before the rose pudding.. but how can I resist the tempting call of the sweet and soft rose pudding??? Well I can't. Olde Hansa's beer is also a good reason to go there again and again. We ordered honey beer, herb beer and cinnamon beer and tasted all of them. I think honey beer was probably the best.

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