21 May 2008

I found, I found!!

After work I went to our local fabric store. I have visited there once (in three years) and after that I have completely forget that we have that store at our little city. But today I was reminded about the store in our city and so I went there. I was surprised that there was actually more than one woollen fabric that I could consider to buy. But this time I only bought this very lovely blue creyish wool.

This is for my 16th century Flemish peasant dress. As I have told earlier that I am making currently an Italian 16th century working women’s dress. But I am also gathering the fabrics, threads etc. for my next project. I would like to have this Italian dress for the summer times and this warmer Flemish outfit for the winter times. And for the Flemish dress I have decided that I will also make a jacket when I have enough time. But now I have this new wool for my gown, then I have dark red linen for my kirtle, I have enough white linen for the smocks and linen partlet and I have also black wool for my black partlet. And I have bought already some black linen thread for sewing the partlet (but I can use that also for the gown…if I don’t found blue linen thread from our local thread shop.. I might because they have surprisingly many colour choices in their linen threads). Then what else.. I need to find some linen for the gown’s lining. I am soooo excited :D.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the fabric is _really_ pretty! It will make beautiful Flemish gown ;)

BTW, here´s the documentation for the apron I was talking about:

More pictures of aprons:http://www.larsdatter.com/aprons.htm