9 Mar 2009


We attended to Hukka Spring Ball last weekend and I think that it was our first Hukka Spring Ball event ever (it's hard to remember.. but I am quite sure). That is because we don’t usually dance... well we can dance some very easy dances but that’s it. Anyway it is a very good event for people who love dancing. I spend most of my time at kitchen. Well there weren’t so many things to do and it was pretty easy job. I had also enough time to finish Elsa’s mittens. The weekend’s result: lots of new books (mainly about embroidery patterns or making embroidery), finished mittens, cheerful feeling, increased courage in driving at Helsinki area and a notice that my old dark woollen gown needs some serious fixing if I want to use it again.. I have almost worn it out. So more excuses for making new dresses :D.

The most interesting news I read today was about this perfume bottle from about 1350 and especially the findings of cotton wadding inside of the bottle:



Anonymous said...

Noi on aivan ihanat! Tykkään tosta väristä tosi paljon!

Eva Grelsdotter said...


Mervi said...

Well done, girl! Hienot lapaset ja ihanaa retroilua.