19 Mar 2009

Recipes from the book of Sent Sovi

I have put the recipes from the Book of Sent Sovi to my web pages, the same recipes we tried with Sahra at the end of the February. There are a meat stew recipe, a recipe about lentils, a recipe about baked aubergines and a recipe about fried cheese. Yum! Yes, fried cheese with sugar can’t be bad!

I am not completely happy about the web pages. They are free but very limited to use.

Oh, I have to go to clean our house now.. we are going to have a friend visiting us this weekend.. which is fantastic! I love to have quests! I am going to cook a lot.

...and I have included short translations in Finnish as well...

1 comment:

Mervi said...

Yummu indeed, specially the cheese. I also liked the meat stew a lot.
I can recommend these for all who want to get even a small idea of medieval cooking. The modern versionf on "medieval" way to cook is really not correct. The taste maybe ok, but it was quite educational to make everything the long and hard way, like boiling the garlig.
Next time we really have to make english boiled lamm. I have made it and it is really good!
Says your loving friend Sahra :)