30 Mar 2009

Viking Finn outfit

I have been busy lately with making my first Viking Finn outfit (it will be more like Eura style outfit..). I am trying to make a brown wool underdress, white linen underdress, blue wool over dress (peplos type) and a brown wool apron for Mooseskiing/ Borderwar event http://www.reissut.com/hirvenhiihto/mspaa.html . At Easter, when the event is going to be, the weather might be still cold there at Northern parts of Aarnimetsä. So I need lots of warm clothes.

I am currently sewing the brown wool underdress with wool thread (it is almost done), I haven't cut my linen underdress yet (I will try to do it today), I have dyed the wool for 0ver dress and for the apron and I have made 4 m tablet woven band to the over dress. I don't have proper bracelets, necklace, brooches etc. If I don't have time to buy (or make necklace) jewellery then I will borrow the things that I must have to keep the dressess together. I don't have time to make bronze spirals to my apron but I am trying to do it before Summer Coronation. But it sounds still a mission impossible to have everything ready by Easter. If my hand doesn't argue with me I can be quick handsewer.

But anyway I will do as much as I can and Sahra has promised to borrow the rest of the things I need. And I am still trying to do neat stitching although there isn't much time left.


Anonymous said...

me have too little clothes... need moore...
just burned my finger making those easter-menu foods. Being a journalist is a dangerous profession, specially if one is a food journalist. Damn, the plate was only 225 celcius hot and I still had to take it to my hand.
What´s going to happen to my under-eura-project!!!!
Yeah baby, it´s me!

Eva Grelsdotter said...

I finished the woollen underdress yesterday...and I have cut the linen underdress. :D