10 Feb 2009


Well Ulf told me yesterday that he needs the heavy fighting tunic for this weekend's event. So I have very little time to do it (but if I sew it with wool it might be faster to do?). Tomorrow I will go to Helsinki and I can't take the tunic with me there... (well of course he said that he don't want me to do it actually for this weekend because he don't want me to have sour hands after making things too fast but you know how it is always... you try your best anyway.. let see how much I can do in three hours.. I have already cut the sleeves and the bodice... I don't know if I need to add gores to the tunic... hope not because I am starting to sew right now).

By the way I may have found the fabric for our wedding dressess :D and I have been dreaming about my own web pages today :D


Anonymous said...

Cool! I hope the fabric is everything you wanted. And good luck with the tunic!

Eva Grelsdotter said...

The tunic is done :). It is not very pretty but it don't have to be because Ulf will use it for heavy fighting :).