9 Feb 2009

Seminar and spirals

Last Thursday I went to Turku and I had Friday off from work. I along with some friends of mine attended to Viking Finn Costume Seminar held by Turku Folk High School. We had lectures at Friday and workshops at Saturday. Because I didn’t know (almost) anything about the subject it all was very interesting and new to me. We learned about the Viking Finn female dress found at Kaarina Kirkonmäki cemetery ( http://artos.pp.fi/heinola-seura/kuvat_4/muinaispuku_kaarina_525x700.jpg ) and we learned about how difficult it is to draw a pattern about actual tablet woven band findings. At Saturday we had workshops about how to make endings for tablet woven bands, how to make different kinds of weaving, about the Viking Finn headdresses and how to make bronze spirals. I went to the bronze spiral workshop and we made a necklace… it is actually made like the bronze spiral endings to the corners of the apron found at the Kaarina digging. It was so much FUN!

And we had fun also after the seminar at Saturday when we went to eat at Harald’s. The restaurant is not re-enactor’s dream (they serve potatoes and other things not so period (from the year 600 to year 1600)… but it is the only that type of restaurant at Turku.

I have so many projects to do right now, but some of them are more important that the others. I bought wool for Ulf’s heavy fighting tunic. I washed the wool today. Making the tunic is the number one project. The problem is that I have too much things to do during normal weekdays and I usually don’t be at home during weekends. And two weeks ago I was at Lahti during the week, last week I went to Turku before the weekend and this Wednesday I have again work related education day at Helsinki. (And next week I don’t know what I am able to do because I will have appointment to the dentist and they are going to take away my upper “wisdom teeth”). So it is the time issues once again :D.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! The necklace is super cute. Bummer I wasn't able to attend on both days... :( But it was nice seeing you. And btw, I got your article. Thanks!

Eva Grelsdotter said...

:D It was nice to see you also! I hope that we'll meet soon again!

Edith de Chelched said...

I know this post is several years old, but do you have any notes about the headdresses you mention? I'm interested in any knowledge you have. I'm trying to make the arch-veil that is attributed to Jaana Riikonen but finding very little information (one sketch by someone else)