16 Feb 2009

Winter Eve

Last weekend we went to traditional Winter Eve event hosted by canton of Humalasalo. It was a small and very warmhearted event. And we really enjoyed every minute of it (it was the first Winte Eve event for us). At Friday I started to make naalbinded mittens for Elsa and the mittens are now half done. I also promised to do some other naalbinded thigs for friends (good way to practise). At Saturday Ulf attended to heavy fighting tournamet with his new heavy fighting gear and the new tunic. I was happy to have time to watch the whole tournamet it was the third tournament in over ten years that I have watched from at the beginning to the end (I am usually doing something else at the kitchen or thigs like that). The tournament was very finely organized and the tournament herald made it amusing. And of course I was happy to see Ulf’s progress in heavy fighting.. he was very good at time to time and in the end he came second (Lord Oliver was the winner). I didn’t have any “boring moments” at the event. And I think that it was because I had things to do with me. I didn’t even go to take a nap during the day.

I promised at the event to send the Flemish kerchief web page address... so here it is:


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Anonymous said...

jee jee, mittenit! Harmittaa etten päässyt talvi-iltaan...