24 Feb 2009


Today I promised to me that next time I am strongly feeling like I should do something in certain way I will do it. I will trust my instinct. I am not going to do Assisi embroidery with two different colours at the same time ONLY because I happen to have too much old DMC threads that I don’t want to throw away but use. And I am not going to use the easiest embroidery technique just because it is easiest. I will learn to do the new embroidery technique if it will be better documented that the easier one. If I do this kind of compromises, I will always regret it afterwards. Because I want to learn mistakes I will not throw the Assisi embroidery tablecloth project away, I am going to finish it and make a better one later. But I am going to rip the red common cross stitches away, buy blue silk thread (I hope that the black outlining is not going to show too much) and fill the background with maybe long armed cross stitches or with two-side Italian cross stitch.

I mean that if I have understand correctly, Assisi style embroidery was made in our period with only one colour or there is so little evidence about making the outlining with black or contrasting colour than it’s not worth of doing it if you want to do things as good as possible. Red was maybe the most popular colour to use and blue and green after that. It also looks like common cross stitches are very rare in Assisi style embroidery. Long armed cross stitches and two-side Italian cross stitches were more popular. For the outlining I have used double running stitches.. and that’s the only good thing with this all.

I have learned yet another good lesson.

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