13 Jul 2009


Only two more working days left before my summer vacation. My part of planning the Cudgel War’s foodstuff is done, UlfR is making the lists for the shopping today and then he’s work is also done. I might read the recipes once today just in case... I made a headscarf for UlfR to wear at the kitchen... it is more useful than a coif... although he looks like a pirate with the headscarf (no it is not red it is white.. but still). I also made a new (very simple) pouch for me... because I found out that my older pouch was dead. Also I have started slowly pack things for the Cudgel. UlfR doesn’t have enough tunics for the Cudgel so I have to make something simple to him... I will go to shop some linen today. We are going to meet Elsa at Wednesday... the plan is to do panic sewing together before the event.

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