28 Jul 2009

Cudgel War and other things

The Camp

So the Cudgel War is again over. It’s little bit odd that this time I didn’t feel sad when it ended. I think that it only means that there will be so much other great things to happen this year and my mind is already focused on the next events to come. It was once again fun and lovely event. I met once again some new people that I wish I could meet again soon. I think that I have never met any nicer persons in their first Aarnimetsä event than Torkill and Estrid from the Shire of Harpelstane. I will miss them greatly. I was busy as always at the kitchen but I had a change to do little naalbinding teaching for Estrid and I also gave her one of my bone needles so she have a good tool for the technique.

UlfR and Rikissa making food

The kitchen duties at the Cudgel War went reasonably well. At the beginning of the camp the kitchen’s new oven broke down and it made our job little bit harder for couple days. This time we had more help at the kitchen than other years for which I am very grateful. The best dish was in my opinion the meat stew we made on last Friday. It was the same recipe from the Scappi book that Sahra and I tried during the last spring.

People making handicrafts

About the other things… it is now all about the upcoming Baronial Investiture at 11-13th of September. We have tons of things to do before that and we are planning to attend to Hämeenlinna Medieval Market and a small medieval market at Verla.. and there are also a Viking market at Pukkisaari before the Investiture.. huh.. Yesterday I made my first Elizabethan coif. This was just a first attempt to make one. I try to find time to make another one… the better one. After writing this I will start to make a shirt for UlfR. I will be very busy before the Investiture but I try to find some time to write something here also. It sounds like UlfR got the flu from the Cudgel War… I hope that he’ll get better soon.

I am participating to Aarnimetsä’s 1000 m hand sewing challenge (don’t remember if I have mentioned it before ;) ). Some of the clothing I have already made is now dirty after the Cudgel and after I have washed them I’ll count how many meters I have. The challenge have a blog http://ompeluhaaste.blogspot.com/ .

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