16 Jul 2009


Ugh, almost all packing for the Cudgel War is done. We are packing kitchen gear for the event and then it’s done. I managed to hand sew a new tunic to UlfR to wear at the kitchen. Yesterday we went to see Elsa and to do sewing together, she needed a new linen dress for the Cudgel War and she didn’t have proper pattern to make fitted dresses or at least somehow fitted. I am really no superb good with pattern drawing because I am not a professional seamstress but we were very lucky with making a very nice pattern for her and it only took about half an hour to make one (I was very surprised how quick we were). And the dress is done now and looks very good on her :D. I am happy.

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Mervi said...

Have a good time ... in the kitchen... And see you at Monday!