2 Jun 2009


It’s summer time and everything is relax... not. I have only one weekend not planned full at this summer. It is not a new situation... it’s like this every year. There is too much things to do at summer and summer is always too short. There are always some things that I would like to do but I have no time for it. It looks like we are not able to go to Tofa’s herbal party because it’s one week before the Summer Coronation. We need to plan Cudgel War’s foodstuff and time is running up very fast. Again we are going to make lunches and snacks at Cudgel War (nine days long event). It is also my only summer vacation so I am waiting for that very much. The situation with the foodstuff is not bad at all, we have many ideas written down but it takes quite lot time to write everything to the computer (every recipes and lists). And then there are the clothes I was planning to do before the Summer Coronation. I had hopes to have something new for UlfR for next weekend’s Summer Nights event.. I don’t have many days left. I have to harden our new leather shoes with beeswax before using them (I might need some tar for soles.. or something heavier than beeswax) and UlfR’s Kragelund tunic is almost done and his naalbinded socks but I haven’t started to make the pants yet. And my blue linen Eura style underdress is not even nearly done. I think that I am just little bit too tired today. I went to Helsinki yesterday because I had a work related meeting there (had to woke up crazy early … 5 a.m.). But I found some long pepper at Hakaniemi market place after the meeting so the trip to Helsinki wasn’t fruitless :D. I better go to sew little bit more and go to bed early. Next weekend is going to be fabulous. I am quite sure about it!

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