28 Jun 2009

Turku Medieval Market

We are back from Turku Medieval Market with lots of new things. I now have for example a new back basket. I am very tired and somewhat in pain now and I don’t know why because I have slept a lot during the weekend.. it might be the warm weather? UlfR has asked twice today that why I am sighing all the time… (I don’t know… I haven’t noticed about doing that…and he is sighing also). But anyway I had a wonderful weekend with wonderful people at Turku. Sigrid’s mittens are almost done (only thumbs are not done). I started to do a naalbinded hat for me for next time we are sleeping at a tent. Ahh.. I can't write more today my brains are not working :). But here is some pictures..

Sahra and me at the Market with our new strawhats

Elsa making a cord with lucet


Eva Grelsdotter said...

I forget to mention that yesterday after the market day Elsa, Robert, UlfR and I went to canton of Unikankare's (SCA at Turku area) meeting. Boys enjoyed the sauna and we all had fun time with some old and new people from Unikankare.. and finally some food... there wasn't much time to go to eat something and because of the warm weather we didn't felt like eating much.

Eva Grelsdotter said...

I mean... I forgot..

Mervi said...

You looke´d so nice with your hat! And it suits for UlfR too :)