22 Jun 2009

Midsummer Coronation

We are back from Midsummer Coronation and from a very beautiful event site Storholmen (Nordmark, Sweden) http://www.storholmen.org . I am very tired and happy that today I have a day off from work. There is so much to tell about the event and I don’t know where to start :). It was nice to meet old friends and make new ones as well. The people at the Viking age village Storholmen was hospitable and kind. They have made lots of work at the village to reach its splendour. And what a beautiful garden they had there! I didn’t took any photos of my own at the event.. I was too lazy to do that but there are once again some good photos at Sahra’s blog.

This is one of Sahra’s photos of Baroness Katariina, Knut, UlfR and I.

The coronation itself was also very beautiful event. The new King and Queen of Drachenwald had made a big effort to make the ceremony exquisite. Part of the ceremony was in Latin and they come to the ceremony humbly without shoes. At the Saturday feast King Gerhardt and Queen Judith announced that we UlfR and Eva are the next baron and baroness of Aarnimetsä (Finland). Our Investiture is going to be held here at Aarnimetsä 11th-13th of September 2009. After that I don’t know what the future is going to hold for us but one thing is sure, there we are not able to be at the kitchen at the events for two years. Lots of people have been asking about are we going to miss the kitchen and the answer is sure! But it is good to have other challenges at time to time.

Before that there will be other events. This Thursday we are leaving to Turku Medieval Market (which is going to last till Sunday). Sahra and Suski are going to sell there jewellery, naalbinded things, tablet woven braids etc. Elsa and I have promised to help them.

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