4 Jun 2009

Kragelund tunic

UlrR’s tunic is done :). It wasn’t very easy to make the tunic because the sleeve construction was quite challenging. I have hardened the shoes with beeswax and his socks are finished also. It looks like we are not going to have very good weather at next weekend so it means that we have to take lots of warm wool clothes with us to the Summer Nights event.


Mervi said...

Ooh! Well done, girl!

Mervi said...

the weatherman just said, that the rain will stop for the weekend. But luckily he has a new cloak.. : )

And the feeling in Kiewari Wanhat Herkut will keep us warm!

Eva Grelsdotter said...

:D I think that it is hilarious celebrate Summer Nights in rainy and very cold weather, but what can you do, it is the Finnish summer weather. We are still going to have fun!