8 Jun 2009

Summer Nights

I am not tired which is very weird considering lack of sleep from last weekend. Summer Nights was once again fun event! The theme was this time a tavern and travellers stopping for night at the tavern. There wasn’t the usual feast this time but food was served like at restaurants. Travellers ordered plates full of different kinds of food according to traveller’s taste and dietary habits. For example I ordered the plate with all sorts of delicacies and UlfR ordered the plate full of meat. The idea was very good and so was the execution (60 people got their food in about half an hour!). But I still think that you have to have the master planner gene in you (that Sahra has) to execute the idea that well (and very competent staff at kitchen that she had... Elzebeth, Filisia, Ingeborg, Lempi and Ilona). UlfR got is new cloak at the event and managed to got he’s first burn mark to it at the camp fire. Well that only means that the wool in the cloak is real wool. And I got more bronze spiral material, a tablet woven belt and a yarn of wool dyed with woad from Suski..

Today Sahra and I talked about the Summer Coronation. I need another apron for camp fire (I don’t want burn marks to my new wool apron) luckily I have some undyed linen at home. I don’t necessary have to make a tablet woven belt to me now because Suski gave me one. I already re-hemmed and shorten my white Eura style linen underdress for the Summer Nights so that’s done. I will continue to sew today the blue linen Eura style underdress together. I don’t know about UlfR’s new pants yet.... I had bad luck with the pants last week. I started to make the pants and the work was almost done when I found out that the wool I was using was miserably bad. It already had a small hole in it. I realized that the pants wouldn’t last without braking for an event. I was quite pissed after finding the hole and after that it has been very difficult to start making new pants and I am not sure if I have enough good wool for it (it was about 4 hours handsewing for waste).

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Mervi said...

On you darling... as you know, I would do anything to get UlfR new pants for Summer Coronation... at least let me send you some fabric?