13 Jan 2009


We went again to friends' wedding last weekend. This time the wedding was at Porvoo medieval church, which is interesting because in 29th May 2006 the church was attacked by an arsonist. The church was damaged badly. Because this all the ceremonies in the church was cancelled until recently. The wedding itself was modern and beautiful.

During last weekend I also did some weaving at Tofa’s (Viking Finn apron). I still have a lot weaving to do before it is finished. And it would be better to have the whole day to do weaving than just couple of hours. It will take couple of hours always to remember how to do it and after that it will be a lot easier. We are planning to go to Summer Coronation http://coronation.nordmark.org/main.php and the main theme of the event is Viking so it would be nice to have Viking clothes for the event. Although I think that Viking clothes are good for winter times… I have bought wool for them but I may have to make a linen underdress in case the weather will be very hot.

But now I am waiting for next weekend and Midwinter feast. I have to go to do something to my socks now (I have a hole in one of them). And I’ll try to make a naalbinded hat for Jon who is Ulf’s SCA brother.

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