30 Jan 2009


Short update...

Life has been very hectic during this week. I spent two days at Lahti (at work related education days). So I had lot time to do naalbinding. My first mittens are done... something weird happen and I figured out by myself how to do thumbs. Just like that... well maybe not... Suski told me that I just have to start doing it the same way I started to do the mittens at the beginning. Ulf's mittens are halfway finished and I have started to make nalbindeed socks for me. And during my visit at Lahti I stayed at Sahra's and I had a change to look how to make heels for the socks. I am pretty sure that I can make heels without any additional help because I figured out how to make thumbs also. And I am not afraid to make mistakes :)

Today we are going to Helsinki to play roleplaying games with friends and I have SKA board meeting at Sunday.


Annika Madejska said...

Hi! I finally found your little blogg! :) sounds great with the naalebinding. I haven't been able to get past making straight pieces...
But yesterday I learnt brocade weaving! I am making a ribbon for my viking dress – even though the pattern is 16:th century hahaha
But I found a great source for cool tablet weaving that I actually can use for my German late period stuff!

Eva Grelsdotter said...

If you need any help with the naalebinding I could try to help you (I am not a master but I am learning)... and also Sahra is very good with the naalebinding and I think she wouldn't mind helping too. :).