5 Jan 2009


Couple months ago I wrote a list about things I would want to do this year. But after that the whole list changed because we decided that after these 11 years it is finally time to start planning our own wedding. And I know that making weddingdressess will take a lot time. The wedding is not going to be during this year but propably at spring 2010. I haven’t yet decided what kind of weddingdressess to make for us, but it will be something renaissance. I would like a Tudor dress but it might be too hard to do and too expensive. And I now have a very good alternative choise which I am not yet going to reveal.

Also I am trying to learn and do this during the year 2009:

- more socks

- Viking Finn outfit for me

- new wollen tunic, pants (Viking) etc. for Ulf

- finish naalbinded mittens

- naalbinded socks

- practise tablet weaving (haven’t done that for about 5 years)

- food food foood... do more medieval/renaissance food at home (simply because it is fun)

- maybe practise smocking and lace making?

- continue Assisi table cloth project

- a Flemish jacket? and lot of other things. I know that I might need more clothes for next Cudgel War maybe another kirtle and another smock.

And also I am going to take a class of hardanger embroidery during this winter http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardanger_embroidery. I am hoping that the class will help me understand how to make reticella embroidery.

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