20 Jan 2009


Jon’s hat is done and he is very pleased to have a new hat which makes me happy :D .

I have started to make naalbinded mittens for Ulf (and last weekend I realized that Jon needs mittens also). I haven’t tried to make thumbs for my mittens yet but I hope that Suski will help me with the thumbs next weekend.

The thing I want to do right now as fast as possible is to find good fabric for our wedding dressess. I want to start looking for the fabric now... but I need to do some coordinating and reporting things today (and tomorrow I have a hardanger class and day after that I will have water gymnastics and not so much time for anything else after work). I want more time.

I have to find my tablet weaving things for next weekend.

But after I find perfect fabric for our wedding dressess everything will be a lot easier.

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