26 Jan 2009

Tablet weaving etc..

I had an excellent weekend once again. This time I was happy that I didn’t have to travel so far from our home, only one hour... I don’t remember when we spend our weekend at home. And it is very hard to start any new projects at workdays. At Friday I just relaxed and did nothing special. Then at Saturday morning we went to Turku. I met Suski and we went to a fabric store. I bought some lightweight white wool and a piece of light blue wool (for a hood... if somebody needs one). And the rest of the day and evening I practice my tablet weaving skills. I had forgotten how to make a loom for tablet weaving. Suski is a very good teacher :D... and it is again very easy to continue from here and make more braids. Well of course I am still making stupid mistakes because I don’t concentrate enough while doing it (it’s so hard to count to four :D).

Yesterday I got very excited about making a new Flemish kerchief for me. It’s not done yet.

No progress with the mittens yet. I have to decide what project to take with me tomorrow when I am leaving to again another work related education days.

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Mervi said...

You too.... everybody loves braids!
Hey, see you in the evening. Love your new headwear.