15 Jan 2009

Hardanger 1.0

I think that I am sometimes brave (if I want to). Yesterday I went to the first hardanger embroidery class (at local folk high school). I had two goals: firstly to get to know another style of embroidery and secondly to get to know local people. I was afraid that there will be only elderly people who doesn’t want me there (that they would give me “the evil eye look” when I walk to the class room). Ok almost everyone was much older than me… except a girl who I knew but who didn’t now me. We have lived here in this small town almost four years now and we only know the people from our working circles. Yes, because I have internet and all handicrafts and too little time after work I have forgotten to get to know people. But anyway I didn’t get any evil eye from anybody and hardager was fun.

So I don’t know much about history of hardanger embroidery, there are so little information available. Or does somebody know where to find information about history of hardanger embroidery? Anyway the embroidery (table cloth) that we are making is very modern. But I think that it will still be very useful experience to me not to mention that I can get to know some people during that class….

Tomorrow we are leaving to Midwinter Feast event. I need to pack and fix the socks. Jon’s hat is almost done :) .


Anonymous said...


Here you will find a very interesting website about Hardanger' history:


Hope you'll like it...

Eva Grelsdotter said...


Thanks very much for the information :). Very interesting indeed!